Thursday, July 26, 2012


What are y'all doing?


Birds of a Feather

Our family: Mama, Dada, Peter, Penny Lane, Lucy, and soon to hatch baby girl.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ahoy matey!

Avast! We be hunting for buried treasure today. Arrrr!

Okay everyone are you ready?

 "I got the treasure map."

"I got the shovel."

 "And I got the pirate flag, so let's go!"

 "Hey where are we going?"

"Well, X marks the spot!"

"We gotta go over here."

"Nope I think it's over this way."

"Can we take a break and play?!"

"Wee weee weee!"

"Come on Lucy we have pirating to do. Arrr!"

"Poppa I think we need to go back this way."
"Aye aye Captain Peter!"

 "Yo ho yo ho a Pirates life for me. Arr!"

"Blimey, you mean the treasure is behind our house?!"

"X marks the spot!"  "Now what Captain Peter?'

"Now we DIG!"
"Arr will someone get me a bigger shovel?!"

"Arr that's more like it!"

"Avast! I found something!"

"Just a little more ..."

"It's buried treasure!"

"Cool Pirate booty!"

"We got the treasure, we got the treasure, we got the treasure hey hey hey!"

"Doubloons a plenty!"

 Poppa  thank ye fer th' treasure hunt!