Monday, September 26, 2011


Round and round she goes!
Powered by Peter!
Where she stops nobody knows.
"Slow down Peter!"

She loves to swing!
And she does not!

Both love to climb.

He likes to ride the bouncy bug!

And who doesn't likes to take pictures?!

Everyone loooooves to ride
the merry-go-round!!!

And me, I love my mama!

On His Way

Pete stands proudly on the porch
ready for the first day of Preschool.
"Okay mom let's go!"
What a beautiful morning!
It takes us 30min to walk a mile.
Pete likes to stop along the way.

We say "Hi" to everything, race cars, squirrels, dogs,
and Barb the crossing guard.
"Come on buddy we're gonna be late."
We're here, one last picture.
Everyone's a bit silly!
And so it begins.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

While we wait ...

why not take some photos.
Sue Sue only took 'bout an hour to look at
the replica ships of the Nina and the Pinta.
They were really cool!
We love her, so we didn't mind waiting.
Not one bit.

her favorite spot

Saturday, September 10, 2011


And here we are at the
Jelly Belly Factory
We love to ride in the red caboose.
And we get free candy!!!
Look at the cool big jelly beans!
And when we get home
we taste 'em all,
relaxing on the futon.