Friday, May 27, 2011

The Bunny Came

It started with an Easter egg hunt.
Some crazy chicken left eggs in the funniest places.
Oh and big lollipops too!
The kids were all smiles!
Daddy had a big smile too ...
even though he was laid up,
due to a "super bug"
that took over his leg!
"You know laughter is the best medicine."
The kids had fun taking care of him.
Peter even shared a favorite story.
Then they heard a hoppity hop noise.
Could it be???
"Mom he came the Easter Bunny came!"
No one talked for a while,
they were too busy enjoying
their Easter spoils.
Thank you Easter Bunny!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hey good lookin'!
What's ya got cookin'?

They got the moves!

The kids currently love the song
"We Will Rock You!" by Queen
They have excellent taste, I know.
They love to sing and dance to it.
They pump their fists to the beat!
But they have lots of other moves ie:
"The Monster Mash!"
And the country favorite
"Cotton Eye Joe!"
Penny also does ballet and modern.
She's so versatile.
Pete has some explosive moves!
Running is also an accepted form of dance.

"Rock you later dudes!"