Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mardi Gras (Part II)

Let's wrap this up (now that Lent is half over). Rex, king of krewes, rolls on Fat Tuesday. We have a big branch party at the chapel to watch the parades and eat grilled sausage. Here's the view from the church. Rex did a rivers of the world theme for its floats (they did the Nile, the Amazon, the Mississippi, the Danube, the Ganges, the Euphrates, the Missouri, and even the river Styx!). You can see the Yangtze river float in the background here:

There goes the Nile

Here we are with our friends Xingzhou and Yen:

Amanda is a monster again:

Peter loves to eat the beads:

Amanda and Heather pose in between floats:

After a lot of "Throw me something Mr" I got this huge toothbrush for Peter:

And Amanda got all this precious booty:

While Peter ate his beads, we gobbled up some yummy king cake. My Mom got the baby inside, so she has to buy the king cake next year!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fat Tuesday (part I)

I have finally recovered from the Mardi Gras revelry enough to blog about it. People like to dress up for the parades in various costumes. Here Peter and Amanda are dressed as Mardi Gras Monsters:

Now Shannon is a Mardi Gras monster! Grrr!

We set up for the first krewe of the evening - Hermes! The Church has a mardi gras ladder that we can set up for the little ones. Here's Ellie getting ready to catch some beads:

And we're off! Here's a guy tossing out Hermes dubloons

One of Hermes' first floats is Leo here:

In between the floats are many great marching bands like these guys.

There are also many flambeaux like these:

If you are patient, you will eventually get to see Hermes himself

After Hermes, Krewe D'Etat rolled:

D'Etat's Mexican Jumping Bean was one of my favorites:

Mostly, there was a lot of hanging out, saying "Throw me something, Mister!", and having a good time:

When a tractor broke down and the parade stopped, the action did not stop. Check out this second line:

We can't end without a shot of a sleepy mardi gras monster: