Friday, April 27, 2007

It's a Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda and I just got back from the hospital, so I can finally post the photos that you all want to see. To you all, he may just look like a baby. But for some reason, I can look at him for hours and hours. His name is Peter Michael Nicholas.

Here's how it works. You go to the hospital looking like this:

And 18 hours later you look like this:

And you have one of these:

I am still learning how to hold him:

But Amanda is a natural:

He has a hat:

He spends a lot of his time doing this:

And he spends a little bit of time doing this:

In the hospital, Amanda gets three meals a day. She is happy and well

They don't give me any meals in the hospital, but they have a snack tray that goes around every day at 3:30. I load up:

They also have cable, so I can watch the Tigers while I hold Peter and grade tests.

Another shot of Peter:

Then, they make you pick a name. You have to give them a form, so baby boy can have a birth certificate and a SSN. This form takes two days to fill out:

Once the form is complete, you can take Peter home:

At home, it's time to relax:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Amanda's Belly

Hello, here is my belly. Yes the baby is still in there!

Thinking about Jr. he will be soooo adorable!

I will hug him and squeeze him and tickle his toes:)

Was that a kick?

Kung Fu Kick!!

Where are you baby?

Is that a basketball under there?

Still thinking about the baby.

Obviously this was a first attempt at posting photos on a blog, not bad -eh