Friday, September 28, 2007


Peter has recently figured out how to kick up his arms and legs when lying on his tummy. I have recently figured out how to take and post videos on the blog. How can we put these new skills to work?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Five Months!

Today Pete is 5 months old. He is smarter and cuter and better than any other 5 month old. Don't believe me? Just watch him read with his Mom:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hong Kong Market

Amanda's new friend Yan is going to teach her to make Chinese meals. In return, Amanda is going to teach Yan to make Jambalaya. Don't tell Yan that Amanda has never made Jambalaya before. To prepare for Mandy's lesson, we had to go to the Honk Kong Market on the West Bank. It used to be a Wall-Mart, and now it's full of Asian food.

The store was great! We found 7-8 kinds of Bok-Choy, 5-6 kinds of yams, and all kinds of seafood, meat, flavorings, sauces, candies, and noodles. Yan sent us photos in an email and told us to find this:

and this:

We found them with some effort. We will definitely go back to Hong Kong Market.


So we went back for more, and Tulane lost again 34-10. It's gonna be tough to be a Green Wave fan, but not as tough as it will be for UCLA fans. They lost 44-6 this weekend to the MIGHTY UTES! Biggest upset in Utah football in 30 years. Great stuff. With Utah winning and BYU-Provo losing, we had to CELEBRATE!

Amanda made Italian stuffed shells:

And I made an apple pie:

Celebrating was fun.

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Dome

Saturday's game excursion was a success. Here's Pete at the Superdome:

Our seats are close to the action:

Here's the kickoff:

There seemed to be even numbers of Tulane fans and Mississippi St fans. The cheering startled Pete a little bit:

So we moved to the upper bowl:

Still a good view from up here, and we had no crowd to contend with:

Pete gets into the action:


Peter spent a fair amount of time sucking on his hands.

And in general had a good time:

We left in the 3rd quarter with Tulane down 31-17. We went on to lose 38-17, but we had some exciting moments and are satisfied with the Wave's effort.

Friday, September 7, 2007


On Labor Day we visited the Audubon Aquarium.
It was both mine and Pete's first time at an aquarium.
And it did not disappoint.

Here's a view of downtown from the Aquarium.

This is what you first see when you walk in.
The fish are swimming all around you and over head.

Peter was mesmerized! He squealed with delight.

We had fun showing Pete all the creatures under the sea.

This was a gargantuan eel!
I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley under the sea.


They had a great play area for kids.
Pete and I went aboard the Pirate ship. Yarrr!

I really liked the sea horses.

This one is the smallest one known to men.
Can you spot it?
Hint: look in the grass on the right.

Check this out!

This is a dragon sea horse.
It is really beautiful.
And doesn't hold still for pictures.

Mike caught a BIG one!
Grandpa thinks he's a keeper.

Somewhere around the Amazon .....

Peter fell asleep.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Our house is a very very very fine house.

We start the tour in the front living room.

Notice the moldings and high ceiling.

This house has a lot of charm!
This is our chandelier.

Our BIG TV to attract robbers.

Now entering the dinning room.

Under the archway to the Kitchen.

We LOVE our Kitchen.
It's so much bigger and there's a dishwasher.

Here's a look at the hallway.
Like I said lots of charm.

This door leads to the basement
where the washer and dryer are and
I'm sure lots of spiders.

On to Pete's room

Our futon frame broke in NC, so it's found a home on Pete's floor.
It's his cozy corner.

Peter is nice enough to share his closet with his mommy.
Closet space is very limited.

Next the bathroom.

Our tiny mirror.

Our linen closet.

Our heater.

And finally our bedroom.

We have lots of windows and lots of light.

And that concludes the tour.

We really love living here.
We hope y'all will come visit.
There's a futon on Pete's floor waiting for you.